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What is Discount Calculator

A discount calculator is a tool or application that helps you determine the final price of an item after applying a discount. You input the original price of the product, the discount percentage, and any additional relevant information. The calculator then computes the discounted price, allowing you to quickly figure out how much you will save on a purchase.

How to Use Discount Calculator

To use a discount calculator:

discount calculator

1. Enter Original Price: Input the original price of the item.

2. Discount Percentage: Enter the discount percentage offered.

3.Click on Calculate Button: Click on Calculate Button, you will see the Discount Price below.

The calculator will then provide you with the discounted price. The formula typically used is: Discounted Price = Original Price - (Original Price * (Discount Percentage / 100))

You can find discount calculators online or use manual calculations based on this formula.

1. Question: A store is offering a 20% discount on a 2000 item. What is the final price after applying the discount?



- Original price: 2000

- Discount percentage: 20%

To find the discounted price, use the formula:

\[ \text{Discounted Price} = \text{Original Price} - (\text{Original Price} \times \frac{\text{Discount Percentage}}{100}) \]

Substitute the values:

\[ \text{Discounted Price} = 2000 - (2000 \times \frac{20}{100}) \]

\[ \text{Discounted Price} = 2000 - 400 \]

\[ \text{Discounted Price} = 1600 \]

So, the final price after applying a 20% discount on a 2000 item is 1600.